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Fire Resistant PG16 Nylon Cable Gland Metric Series With Silicone Rubber Seal

Fire Resistant PG16 Nylon Cable Gland Metric Series With Silicone Rubber Seal

  • Fire Resistant PG16 Nylon Cable Gland Metric Series With Silicone Rubber Seal
  • Fire Resistant PG16 Nylon Cable Gland Metric Series With Silicone Rubber Seal
  • Fire Resistant PG16 Nylon Cable Gland Metric Series With Silicone Rubber Seal
Fire Resistant PG16 Nylon Cable Gland Metric Series With Silicone Rubber Seal
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China
Brand Name: Hnx nylon cable gland
Certification: RoHS, CE, IP68
Model Number: Nylon Cable Gland Type A
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Pieces
Price: Please contact us.
Packaging Details: 38*25*17mm
Delivery Time: 3-30 Day
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 30000 Pieces/Day
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Detailed Product Description
Material: PANYLON,UL94-V2 Color: Gray(customized Color)
Min Temperature: -20 ℃(dynamic State) Performance: Fire Resistant
Hermetic Seal: NBR,silicone Rubber Applicable Environment: Distribution Boxes And Distribution Cabinets
High Light:

rubber cable gland


pvc cable gland

Fire Resistant PG16 Nylon Cable Gland Metric Series With Silicone Rubber Seal


Nylon cable gland PG

Product material: the main part of the cable waterproof gland is made of nylon, the clamping part is made of nylon plastic (PA), and the seal and O seal ring are made of NBR.

Product certification: European CE certification and IP68 certification

Protection level: in the range of the specified bayonet, use the O type seal ring to tighten the fastening head to IP68.

Working temperature: static: -40 ℃ to 100 ℃, short time to 120 ℃. Dynamic: -20 ℃ to 80 ℃, a short time of 100 ℃.

Thread length: short thread is suitable for the opening of thin machine plate or equipment with internal thread. Long thread is suitable for joining thick plank.


Product characteristics of cable waterproof gland

1> tighten the ring through special design, strong pulling force, no damage to the motor.

2> does not need to disassemble the cable waterproofing gland. The cable can be directly penetrated into the upper part of the cable.

3> waterproof, dust-proof, salt, weak acid, alcohol, oil, grease and general solvents, indoor and outdoor can be applied.

4> in the specified area of the bayonet, and use the O shaped seal ring to tighten the head to achieve the IP68 protection level.


Main function of nylon cable gland

Nylon cable gland are widely used in power, control, measuring instruments, data and communication cables. Their main uses make the lines open, keep the cables sealed, and play the role of anti loosening, skid proof, anti stripping, and sealing and waterproof.

The cable head of nylon cable is mainly used in power electronic control equipment, aviation communication, machine tool and equipment manufacturing, measurement control technology, instrument and instrument manufacturing and other industries, such as mechanical control box, distribution cabinet, electric motor, junction box, pump, LED lamps and other wires, and one end of nylon cable head can be connected to the equipment box. On the top of the hole, the other end is tightened and fixed by locking nut, or thread can be directly connected to the electric equipment with internal thread for import and export.


Item Range
Thread O.D.
Thread Length
Spanner size
M10x1.5 2.5-6 10 8 12/15 HX-NLM10B
M12x1.5 3-6.5 12 8.5 18/15 HX-NLM12B
4-8 12 8.5 18/19 HX-NLM12-8B
3-6.5 12 15 18/15 HX-NLM12LB
4-8 12 15 18/19 HX-NLM12L-8B
M16x1.5 4-8 16 10 22/19 HX-NLM16-8B
6-10 16 10 22/22 HX-NLM16-10B
4-7 16 10 22/22 HX-NLM16-7B
4-8 16 15 22/19 HX-NLM16L-8B
6-10 16 15 22/22 HX-NLM16L-10B
4-7 16 15 22/22 HX-NLM16L-7B
M18x1.5 6-10 18 10 24/22 HX-NLM18-10B
4-7 18 10 24/22 HX-NLM18-7B
6-10 18 15 24/22 HX-NLM18L-10B
4-7 18 15 24/22 HX-NLM18L-7B
M20x1.5 6-12 20 10 27/24 HX-NLM20-12B
5-9 20 10 27/24 HX-NLM20-9B
8.5-14 20 10 27/27 HX-NLM20-14B
6-12 20 10 27/27 HX-NLM20-12B
6-12 20 15 27/24 HX-NLM20L-12B
5-9 20 15 27/24 HX-NLM20L-9B
8.5-14 20 15 27/27 HX-NLM20L-14B
6-11 20 15 27/27 HX-NLM20L-11B
M22x1.5 9-14 22 10 29/27 HX-NLM22-14B
6-11 22 10 29/27 HX-NLM22-11B
M25x1.5 8.5-14 25 11.6 33/27 HX-NLM25-14B
6-10.5 25 11.6 33/27 HX-NLM25-10.5B
6-11 25 11.6 33/27 HX-NLM25-11B
12.5-18 25 11.6 33/33 HX-NLM25-18B
7-13 25 11.6 33/33 HX-NLM25-13B
12.5-18 25 15 33/33 HX-NLM25L-18B
7-13 25 15 33/33 HX-NLM25L-13B
M32x1.5 18-25 32 15 41/41 HX-NLM32L-25B
8-12 32 15 41/41 HX-NLM32L-12B
M36x1.5 18-25 36 12 45/41 HX-NLM36-25B
M40x1.5 24-32 40 15 50/50 HX-NLM40-32B
18-25 40 15 50/50 HX-NLM40-25B
M50x1.5 31-41 50 15 62/62 HX-NLM50-41B
22-28 50 15 62/62 HX-NLM50-28B
M63x1.5 35-45 63 18 75/65 HX-NLM63-45B



1. nylon cable waterproof connector is a supporting article for cables, which is mainly used in distribution boxes and distribution cabinets.

The connector can lock the cable, and the other end can be connected to the upper part of the equipment box body, or can be threaded according to the selection.

3. connect to electric equipment with internal threads at the inlet and outlet. General machinery control box, distribution board, machinery.

4. when used for fixing wires and cables, it can effectively clamp cables and achieve the purpose of waterproof.

5. according to the installation materials produced, they can be divided into heat shrink type ( the most commonly used type ), dry wrap type, epoxy resin pouring type and cold shrink type.

6. according to the core material, it can be divided into copper core power cable connector and aluminum core power cable connector.

7. the main function is to keep the line unobstructed, keep the cable sealed, and ensure the insulation grade at the cable joint, so as to ensure its safe and reliable operation. If the seal is not good, it will not only cause the oil-immersed paper to dry up due to oil leakage, but also moisture will invade the inside of the cable, which will reduce the insulation performance of the paper.


Company advantages:

1. specializing in the production of cable connectors for 12 years, we specializes in R & D and launch various new products, and have many patented products.

2. automatic production of numerical control equipment, accurate and safe

3. 2011 years become Liaoning "aircraft carrier" special waterproof connector supplier




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